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and Safely

and Safely

The Smart Transfer offer includes:

  • airport transfers - taxi transfer;
  • inter-city and international transfers;
  • tours (e.g. to the Auschwitz Museum, Wieliczka Salt Mine, Zakopane e.t.c.);
  • business trips;
  • service for companies, hotels and travel agencies;


We accept the following forms of payment:

cash* (PLN, EUR, USD, GBP)

card* (Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, VPAY, American Express)  visa maestro mastercard vpay american express
standard transfer to a bank account  transfer money
payment via Dotpay, PayPal, PayU  dotpay


Services mentioned above are carried out using cars up to 4 passengers.

We encourage companies, hotels and travel agencies to the permanent cooperation, which will allow employees, guests and customers non-cash journeys and collective VAT invoices.

1 EUR = 4 PLN;      1 USD = 3,30 PLN      1GBP = 4,60 PLN


*the driver's payment option in cash or by card is available for regular customers.



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Transactions by credit card and e-transfer are carried out via the Dotpay Settlement Center